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  • Sunday on the farm - U Beriun -

    As you have known for some time now, our intent is to enhance and make our hinterland known. Sometimes certain goodies we find are more unique than rare! Like this one we are about to tell you about. Little Carolina is now beyond measure passionate about every type of animal, from the little mouse of the Branduardi fair to the most imposing and majestic Gigantosaurus. Apart from the fact that his mother does not like "rats" and we are submerged in plastic dinosaurs, this Sunday we find on the web, sifting through as it should, the offer of an afternoon at the educational farm "U Beriun" located in Vendone , in the first hinterland of Albenga. Vendone we already know it for the presence of the Rainer Kriester sculpture park, already told by us in a trekking article that will take you to visit the Giants of Montenero (have you already bought the magazine, yes?). The family-run farm extends into a vast centuries-old olive grove, between strips and plateaus. Follow a small piece of dirt road until you reach an open space where you can leave the car, then continue on foot for about fifty meters. In the green we immediately see the first peculiarity of the farm, well, this place is also a respectable camping site with the exceptional "gypsy bandwagon" that immediately catches Carolina's watchful eye. "The circus dad, come on !!" It took us a moment to explain to her that it is a holiday cottage ... but the noise of the geese nearby saved us to the extreme! Here are the first little animals to appear behind a semi-curve ... geese, pigs, canaries and sheep. A nice wary lama and then ... in front of us ... still donkeys (including a small one) ponies, goats, goats, billy goats, rabbits and chickens. More goats, two small rheas, some sheep and even a water turtle absorbed in the sun! An enchanted place for our little Carolina (and also for dad and mom to tell the truth, who after a Sunday at work, managed to pull the plug a bit. The possibility, with care and delicacy of the case, to interact with animals is really the best part of the experience. All surrounded by Mrs. Daniela's home cooking and the precious help of her children Clara and Marco. A table set in the porch overlooking the farm under the starry sky in August and white wine to surround rich and abundant dishes, closed the circle of our Sunday escape of a few hours. Massimo Revello is certainly an entrepreneur, farmer, courageous and tireless. Attentive and helpful with his guests as much as with his animals, which we imagine he adores very much. Only with love and passion, these realities can be born, it is up to us to make them known to you! Information and reservations Massimo 338/7238598.

  • Ghost of Voltri e Crevari

    From Piazzetta Santa Limbania, at the extreme west of Voltri, via alla Cannellona or delle Capanne went up, which from the 13th century reached Masone and continued along the Stura Valley and of which a historical memory remains in an old plaque affixed to one side. of the church of the same name which states “it is forbidden, under penalty of fines, the transit of wagons and the transport of trawled timber along the municipal road of Giovi”. Along this street, about a kilometer from the center of Volti, there is still today a sinister building called Cà de anime, "a true archive of ghost and murderers stories" as Michelangelo Dolcino defines it. It was, in ancient times, the only existing inn in the area and, therefore, a must for pilgrims and merchants. Its owner, in addition to being a hotelier, had the bad "habit" of offering a rest, alas, the "eternal" one to the wealthiest patrons. At the head of a band of brigands, made up of relatives and waiters, he made the chosen guest sit in a room on the first floor, away from prying eyes and ears, and here the crime was committed. Despite the reports of disappearance to the competent authorities, the slowness of communications and the banditry that was perpetrated, commonly, on many roads, favored the impunity of the criminals who were reached by justice, it seems, only for the defection of a member of the gang, eager to redeem himself. Since then everyone carefully avoided approaching the sad building until, after the Second World War, driven by necessity, a poor family took up residence there who were soon severely tested by terrifying events: pots falling from the cupboard, objects that they moved “de motu proprio” but, above all, an ephemeral apparition in white clothes asking for news of her boyfriend and which, finding no comforting answers, vanished leaving a scent of roses in the air. Crevari also has its Cà de anime in which, at night, you can hear the flow of a non-existent water, the sinister noise of an invisible broom scratching the floor, the sudden voices of a TV that turns on, inexplicably, by itself and , also in this case, the gruesome perception of sinister presences. They would be the restless souls of a mother and daughter who, after having charitably hosted two travelers, were rewarded with such generosity with the loss of their lives.

  • Ormeasco, tipical wine taste

    We are in the lowest area where Ormeasco can be grown, Borgo di Ranzo. Today, together with Carlotta Carminati, owner of the "A Maccia" farm, we are discovering a vine which, according to an ancient legend, was brought to the area of ​​Ormea (from which it takes its name) by the Saracens around the year 1000 , and subsequently spread throughout the Arroscia Valley. The merit of its initial diffusion would have been above all of the Marquis of Clavesana, the noble family that ruled the Valley in 1300, who gave the order to plant only this type of vine on the lands of the family since it is, for its taste, a delicious product. Ormeasco is an excellence of the province of Imperia, strongly present in the municipalities of Pieve di Teco, Pornassio and the Upper and Middle Arroscia Valley. In addition to the red vinification, there is also a rosé version, the Sciac-trà (literally presses and drains, that is, before the grapes color the wine too much). We then arrive in Ranzo, in the capital of Borgo, to make a quick and easy trek, and then go and discover the farm products. Carlotta is a wine producer and animal lover. Trekking is one of the many experiences that can be done in its small, big reality. A walk suitable for the whole family. With her we can also get acquainted with her sweet animals! 4 very nice donkeys, a mare named Rose, two playful dogs and a few fussy hens. The repertoire of "A Maccia" is wide and varied, especially in the tasting. In addition to the flagship product which is wine, you will also find Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the super focaccia di Fulvio and other snacks. Get to know them!

  • Let's talk about Alta Via

    Who is that trekking lover who in Liguria has never crossed the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri at least once on his way? We are talking about a close link with the region, capable of still binding a land that has been questioned many times for its organization, municipal, provincial and regional itself. The Alta Via, or AV, as we find it marked on the poles, is a source of environmental protection, where flora and fauna are of fundamental importance. A fundamental feature of the network is the ease with which it is possible to travel along the paths; each one always clean and well marked, it is really difficult to get lost or run into unpleasant adventures. For those who want to organize their own itinerary, even for a simple trip "out of town", find on the web many proposals suitable for carrying out even just for half a day. A nice feature, moreover, is the possibility of reaching even those rural areas and still to be discovered, for the Ligurians themselves, rich in history and traditions. 440 kilometers long, its peculiarity is given by the countless landscape contrasts where the mountains close to the sea give way to large meadows dedicated to grazing. Our first Alta Via experience starts right behind the house, from Colle del Melogno, where we cross a beautiful forest called "Della Barbottina". The path goes into the woods and, with a small detour, takes the former military road up to the top of Bric Merizzo where a stupendous panorama opens up and both for the possibility of seeing the remains of the ancient fort. The description of the entire itinerary can be found in our magazine.

  • Laboratorio Equestre

    We are in ​​Castelbianco, in Vesallo, where there is a sanctuary dedicated to the Santissima Annunziata. Dating back to the 13th-17th centuries, the peculiarity of the structure is that it consists of two bell towers of different heights, one of which with an onion spire, both in Baroque style. Just a few steps from the square where the church stands, the Equus Lab was recently born, an equestrian laboratory where children can get close to some animals, such as mini ponies, a very sweet donkey Agata and some goats. The experience has something magical and is able to convey to children the delicacy of an approach that they can hardly find elsewhere. Malvina Abbattista is an energetic and sunny young girl who, with patience and dedication, has the role of "mother" for a rather atypical herd. She will guide the experience, lasting about an hour, with your child who, believe me, will want to come back as soon as possible. In our next issue of two backpacks and a camallo, we will tell you the experience of little Carolina.

  • A little snack in the Vineyard

    To begin to tell you about a part of our project that includes a series of sensorial experiences linked to the territory, today we want to talk about a reality that has long been rooted in the hinterland of Albenga but has been able to align itself with the times. Fully embracing our thought of being able to enhance and make known what Liguria can offer not only to tourists, but also to the ligurians themselves, Giulia Dell'Erba has put at our disposal a day of her own to tell us and make us experience her reality. A path in the vineyard, in Arnasco, which develops at the end of a trek rich in nature and biodiversity. Let's go together to discover the secrets of viticulture, made of passion and sacrifice. A small cellar that rises in the middle of the rows, well organized, is the scene of a tasting of the product, making several senses work at the same time. The background of the birds, the amber color of the wine, the flavor and floral aromas that arrive impetuously. Rinaldo, the father, meanwhile, wanders among the ripening grapes accompanied by his faithful Ugo, a friendly, hyperactive and curious dog. In the next issue of our magazine you will find all the details of this combined experience, and we are sure you will want to do it as soon as possible.

  • The dates of the witches of Alassio

    According to an ancient popular legend, the witches of Alassio, or basure in the local dialect, were beautiful, but all had a peculiarity. The hallmark was a buttock covered with a thick black hair, a characteristic designed to show that their rightful father was none other than the devil. During the stormy nights the witches sailed the Ligurian Sea with their boats pulled by horrible sea snakes until they reached the coasts of North Africa. They returned to the Alassian bay even before dawn, bringing with them bunches of ripe dates, fruits of which they were immensely greedy. The following nights, after a hearty meal, they hid the date stones in the beds of the alassins in order to cause them terrible nightmares.

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