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Sunday on the farm - U Beriun -

As you have known for some time now, our intent is to enhance and make our hinterland known. Sometimes certain goodies we find are more unique than rare! Like this one we are about to tell you about. Little Carolina is now beyond measure passionate about every type of animal, from the little mouse of the Branduardi fair to the most imposing and majestic Gigantosaurus. Apart from the fact that his mother does not like "rats" and we are submerged in plastic dinosaurs, this Sunday we find on the web, sifting through as it should, the offer of an afternoon at the educational farm "U Beriun" located in Vendone , in the first hinterland of Albenga. Vendone we already know it for the presence of the Rainer Kriester sculpture park, already told by us in a trekking article that will take you to visit the Giants of Montenero (have you already bought the magazine, yes?). The family-run farm extends into a vast centuries-old olive grove, between strips and plateaus. Follow a small piece of dirt road until you reach an open space where you can leave the car, then continue on foot for about fifty meters. In the green we immediately see the first peculiarity of the farm, well, this place is also a respectable camping site with the exceptional "gypsy bandwagon" that immediately catches Carolina's watchful eye. "The circus dad, come on !!" It took us a moment to explain to her that it is a holiday cottage ... but the noise of the geese nearby saved us to the extreme! Here are the first little animals to appear behind a semi-curve ... geese, pigs, canaries and sheep. A nice wary lama and then ... in front of us ... still donkeys (including a small one) ponies, goats, goats, billy goats, rabbits and chickens. More goats, two small rheas, some sheep and even a water turtle absorbed in the sun! An enchanted place for our little Carolina (and also for dad and mom to tell the truth, who after a Sunday at work, managed to pull the plug a bit.

The possibility, with care and delicacy of the case, to interact with animals is really the best part of the experience. All surrounded by Mrs. Daniela's home cooking and the precious help of her children Clara and Marco. A table set in the porch overlooking the farm under the starry sky in August and white wine to surround rich and abundant dishes, closed the circle of our Sunday escape of a few hours. Massimo Revello is certainly an entrepreneur, farmer, courageous and tireless. Attentive and helpful with his guests as much as with his animals, which we imagine he adores very much. Only with love and passion, these realities can be born, it is up to us to make them known to you! Information and reservations Massimo 338/7238598.

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