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Laboratorio Equestre

We are in ​​Castelbianco, in Vesallo, where there is a sanctuary dedicated to the Santissima Annunziata. Dating back to the 13th-17th centuries, the peculiarity of the structure is that it consists of two bell towers of different heights, one of which with an onion spire, both in Baroque style. Just a few steps from the square where the church stands, the Equus Lab was recently born, an equestrian laboratory where children can get close to some animals, such as mini ponies, a very sweet donkey Agata and some goats. The experience has something magical and is able to convey to children the delicacy of an approach that they can hardly find elsewhere. Malvina Abbattista is an energetic and sunny young girl who, with patience and dedication, has the role of "mother" for a rather atypical herd. She will guide the experience, lasting about an hour, with your child who, believe me, will want to come back as soon as possible. In our next issue of two backpacks and a camallo, we will tell you the experience of little Carolina.

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