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Ormeasco, tipical wine taste

We are in the lowest area where Ormeasco can be grown, Borgo di Ranzo. Today, together with Carlotta Carminati, owner of the "A Maccia" farm, we are discovering a vine which, according to an ancient legend, was brought to the area of ​​Ormea (from which it takes its name) by the Saracens around the year 1000 , and subsequently spread throughout the Arroscia Valley. The merit of its initial diffusion would have been above all of the Marquis of Clavesana, the noble family that ruled the Valley in 1300, who gave the order to plant only this type of vine on the lands of the family since it is, for its taste, a delicious product. Ormeasco is an excellence of the province of Imperia, strongly present in the municipalities of Pieve di Teco, Pornassio and the Upper and Middle Arroscia Valley. In addition to the red vinification, there is also a rosé version, the Sciac-trà (literally presses and drains, that is, before the grapes color the wine too much). We then arrive in Ranzo, in the capital of Borgo, to make a quick and easy trek, and then go and discover the farm products. Carlotta is a wine producer and animal lover. Trekking is one of the many experiences that can be done in its small, big reality. A walk suitable for the whole family. With her we can also get acquainted with her sweet animals! 4 very nice donkeys, a mare named Rose, two playful dogs and a few fussy hens. The repertoire of "A Maccia" is wide and varied, especially in the tasting. In addition to the flagship product which is wine, you will also find Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the super focaccia di Fulvio and other snacks. Get to know them!

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