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Ghost of Voltri e Crevari

From Piazzetta Santa Limbania, at the extreme west of Voltri, via alla Cannellona or delle Capanne went up, which from the 13th century reached Masone and continued along the Stura Valley and of which a historical memory remains in an old plaque affixed to one side. of the church of the same name which states “it is forbidden, under penalty of fines, the transit of wagons and the transport of trawled timber along the municipal road of Giovi”. Along this street, about a kilometer from the center of Volti, there is still today a sinister building called Cà de anime, "a true archive of ghost and murderers stories" as Michelangelo Dolcino defines it. It was, in ancient times, the only existing inn in the area and, therefore, a must for pilgrims and merchants. Its owner, in addition to being a hotelier, had the bad "habit" of offering a rest, alas, the "eternal" one to the wealthiest patrons. At the head of a band of brigands, made up of relatives and waiters, he made the chosen guest sit in a room on the first floor, away from prying eyes and ears, and here the crime was committed. Despite the reports of disappearance to the competent authorities, the slowness of communications and the banditry that was perpetrated, commonly, on many roads, favored the impunity of the criminals who were reached by justice, it seems, only for the defection of a member of the gang, eager to redeem himself. Since then everyone carefully avoided approaching the sad building until, after the Second World War, driven by necessity, a poor family took up residence there who were soon severely tested by terrifying events: pots falling from the cupboard, objects that they moved “de motu proprio” but, above all, an ephemeral apparition in white clothes asking for news of her boyfriend and which, finding no comforting answers, vanished leaving a scent of roses in the air.

Crevari also has its Cà de anime in which, at night, you can hear the flow of a non-existent water, the sinister noise of an invisible broom scratching the floor, the sudden voices of a TV that turns on, inexplicably, by itself and , also in this case, the gruesome perception of sinister presences. They would be the restless souls of a mother and daughter who, after having charitably hosted two travelers, were rewarded with such generosity with the loss of their lives.

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