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A little snack in the Vineyard

To begin to tell you about a part of our project that includes a series of sensorial experiences linked to the territory, today we want to talk about a reality that has long been rooted in the hinterland of Albenga but has been able to align itself with the times. Fully embracing our thought of being able to enhance and make known what Liguria can offer not only to tourists, but also to the ligurians themselves, Giulia Dell'Erba has put at our disposal a day of her own to tell us and make us experience her reality. A path in the vineyard, in Arnasco, which develops at the end of a trek rich in nature and biodiversity. Let's go together to discover the secrets of viticulture, made of passion and sacrifice. A small cellar that rises in the middle of the rows, well organized, is the scene of a tasting of the product, making several senses work at the same time. The background of the birds, the amber color of the wine, the flavor and floral aromas that arrive impetuously. Rinaldo, the father, meanwhile, wanders among the ripening grapes accompanied by his faithful Ugo, a friendly, hyperactive and curious dog. In the next issue of our magazine you will find all the details of this combined experience, and we are sure you will want to do it as soon as possible.

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