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Let's talk about Alta Via

Who is that trekking lover who in Liguria has never crossed the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri at least once on his way? We are talking about a close link with the region, capable of still binding a land that has been questioned many times for its organization, municipal, provincial and regional itself. The Alta Via, or AV, as we find it marked on the poles, is a source of environmental protection, where flora and fauna are of fundamental importance. A fundamental feature of the network is the ease with which it is possible to travel along the paths; each one always clean and well marked, it is really difficult to get lost or run into unpleasant adventures. For those who want to organize their own itinerary, even for a simple trip "out of town", find on the web many proposals suitable for carrying out even just for half a day. A nice feature, moreover, is the possibility of reaching even those rural areas and still to be discovered, for the Ligurians themselves, rich in history and traditions. 440 kilometers long, its peculiarity is given by the countless landscape contrasts where the mountains close to the sea give way to large meadows dedicated to grazing. Our first Alta Via experience starts right behind the house, from Colle del Melogno, where we cross a beautiful forest called "Della Barbottina". The path goes into the woods and, with a small detour, takes the former military road up to the top of Bric Merizzo where a stupendous panorama opens up and both for the possibility of seeing the remains of the ancient fort. The description of the entire itinerary can be found in our magazine.

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