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Legal Information

Routes and descriptions given in this guide should be seen as ideas only
in principle and conditions for planning their trips, they cannot in any case
be considered as certain advice or indications.
What is reported in this magazine has been compiled and checked with care, however oversights,
errors or changes not promptly updated are always possible.
We are not responsible for any misunderstandings, errors and inconveniences possible along the routes.
Therefore we decline all responsibility for possible misunderstandings or damage suffered by users.
It is recommended, always and in any case, caution and attention by carefully evaluating the
own technical and physical abilities. Always attentive to the evolution of time,
respect for nature.
Before embarking on any path it is always good to inquire locally about the
practicability of the paths and to contact Tourist Offices, Refuge Managers, Guide Office
Alpine, Business Owners.
We take our waste home and leave no trace of our passage.

Luca and Valentina

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